An early New Years Resolution


Every year I make New Years resolutions, as does most everyone I assume. They revolve around common themes with me:

  • Swearing less
  • Drinking less caffeine
  • Exercising more
  • Learning a new programming language (Scala, Erlang, Python, Clojure, C++, Ruby etc.)
  • Writing more
  • Playing more guitar
  • Traveling to warmer climates more often (Minnesota is damn cold this time of year)

This year is no different. In and amongst the above resolutions, I have endeavored to refine my online identity and solidify it – if only for my own edification.

As such, you are (hopefully) looking at my new online identity, a website style with some fresh content and a renewed commitment to refine the voice that grows within me. My goal is simply to add a new weekly entry that relates to something of interest to me and hopefully anyone else reading these ramblings.

I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you. You can probably guess my email address given that my name is “john” and my domain is “”. So, drop me a line, say hello and may your wishes for 2010 be heartfelt and fulfilled – with the exception winning the Powerball lottery; that baby is mine!