Pathetic Ramblings of a Moron...


The whole point to having a blog is to develop a voice for yourself. I describe that process, or the outcome of that process, as it relates to me, as "the pathetic ramblings of a moron".

The intent of the title is not to expose an obvious existential crisis, or disturbingly low self-esteem. The title is merely a reflection that from idiocy and ignorance come insight and learning and this, hopefully, will capture that process as it relates to me. Although, behaviorally speaking, I have done some moronic things, and likely will well into the future, that I hope not to capture those here.

It's a great day to be a geek!

April 28, 2017Posted by John Dubchak


In April, 1965 Gordon E. Moore published, in Electronics magazine, that power advances...

It's a great day to be a geek!

April 16, 2011Posted by John


I've often lamented that, as technical folks, we seem to be constantly in the middle of a "fire fight"...

An early New Years Resolution

December 13, 2009Posted by John


Every year I make New Years resolutions, as does most everyone I assume. They revolve around common themes...

Apple's Platform Control

May 15, 2008Posted by John


As a Java developer, I appreciate a very flexible development environment. I want to be able to mix and match tools that conform to a given standard - which is why we have standards! - in order to be most effective in my role of satisfying clients with as simple and non-vendor-locked-in solution as I can.

The woe's of a Java Developer

March 3, 2008Posted by John


Alright, so I say I like technical here’s something technically interesting, but unexciting none-the-less.